In partnership with Lawrenceville United and countless community members, the Lawrenceville Corporation has participated in the creation of numerous community plans. Each plan has been informed by robust and inclusive community engagement processes, community partners and stakeholders, and studies of existing conditions and best practices.

Community plans are visions of Lawrenceville’s future. These visions can define our strengths and values, pinpoint places the community would like to see change and grow, and steer development toward a desired future.


Opportunities for Input


Clack Campus Community Process

Created in partnership with Lawrenceville United in 2021, the Clack Campus Development Guidelines are a vision for the future redevelopment of Allegheny County’s Frank B. Clack Health Center at 4401 Penn Avenue.

Green Boulevard Plan

Green Boulevard Plan

A vision that reimagined riverfront access, land use, transportation, and open space along the south shore of the Allegheny River. The plan has been used to guide riverfront development since it was first conceived in 2010.  In Fall 2022, the city will construct the first leg of the recommended shared use bike-pedestrian commuter path.

Arsenal Park Master Plan

A plan originally created in 2015 to balance and protect Arsenal Park’s rich history with new and restored amenities to support contemporary community life. The plan is now undergoing a city-led update before final implementation.

Leslie Park Master Plan

Drawing on Leslie Park’s historical design, the 2015 plan provides a framework to establish the park as a neighborhood resource for recreation, performance, and exhibition. The Plan will be undergoing a city-led effort in 2022.


Completed Community Plans

Once a community plan is completed, it is time for advocacy, fundraising, and implementation. Lawrenceville Corporation and Lawrenceville United worked together to map out how community plans will guide the projects and programs of our organizations from 2019 to 2026, visualized in the Lawrenceville Community Plan and Guidebook. Continue reading to learn more about the individual plans.

Neighborhood and Corridor Wide Plans

 Upper Lawrenceville Plan (2013): Identified three strengths to build upon- Affordability and authenticity (live), space for people to make and grow things (work), and abundant recreational amenities, from neighborhood parks to the riverfront (play). McCandless Street is identified as the spine of Upper Lawrenceville, as a major conduit to the riverfront and the planned “McCandless Beach,” a connector in a network of planned green streets, and the center of business district activity at its Butler Street intersection. The plan also recommends reinvigorating existing parks with new physical or programmatic connections.

Penn Avenue Corridor Master Plan (2008): An urban design plan and commercial/residential market analysis for the Penn Avenue Corridor from 34th Street to Euclid Avenue. Recommendations included establishing gateways at Doughboy Square, 40th + Penn, and Main + Penn; creating an integrated mobility plan and implementing streetscape improvements; establishing higher density office or residential redevelopment between 39th and Fisk Streets; and the expansion of Arsenal Park.

Lower Lawrenceville (LOLA) Plan (2009): The result of an eight-month planning process building upon the Lawrenceville Community Plan and the Penn Avenue Corridor Master Plan. Focused on Butler Street, Doughboy Square, and the Riverfront and recommended increased density and infill development; streetscape improvements; greening with street trees, neighborhood parks, and riverfront connections; public art and marketing; improved connectivity; and integrated parking and mobility planning.


 2015 Updated Parking Study (2015): An update to the 2012 parking study, this study sought to understand the current parking conditions in Lawrenceville and identify potential parking opportunities and improvements. Found that bike parking and on-street car parking along Butler had b0th increased since 2012. However, this supply growth was outpaced by a growth in parking demand, which was especially high from 37th to 45th Street. Recommended encouraging other modes of transportation, facilitating shared parking agreements, and creating additional opportunities for off-street parking.

Lawrenceville Butler Streetscape Design Guidelines (2019): An explicit set of conditions-based block-by block standards for streetscape components to ensure that future development projects foster a safe, accessible, and beautiful Butler Street for all, regardless of the mode of transportation. Encompass the length of Butler Street and make recommendations for the design, materials, fabrication, installation, and maintenance for the following streetscape elements: ADA accessible walkways, sidewalks, street trees, public art, street lighting, stormwater management, street furniture, way-finding signage, cycling and public transportation amenities, and other elements as appropriate.

Penn Avenue Streetscape Program

Historic Preservation

Lawrenceville Residential Design Guidelines (2013): Created to assist homeowners with façade restoration, these guidelines help to preserve, enhance and celebrate the historical integrity of Lawrenceville’s architectural heritage.

The Archives

3400 Doughboy Square Urban Design Program (2012): Initiated by Lawrenceville Corporation, this was an urban design study to develop building recommendations for the site located at 3400 Penn Avenue in Doughboy Square. Building from this study, Lawrenceville Corporation brought on Action Housing to develop the site as affordable housing. The Sixth Ward Flats is the result of this partnership, completed in 2021. Read more about the Sixth Ward Flats here.

Lawrenceville Community Plan (2006): A comprehensive plan of the three Lawrenceville neighborhoods, led by Lawrenceville Corporation, Lawrenceville United, and the Lawrenceville Stakeholders.

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