Originally proposed in the 2010 Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan, the Green Boulevard is a vision to draw community and ecological connections along the Allegheny Riverfront through the following projects:

  • A shared use bike-pedestrian commuter path along the Allegheny Valley Railroad from the Strip District to Highland Park
  • Commuter rail along the existing Allegheny Valley Railroad
  • Riverfront trail expansion, riverfront connections and open space
  • Stormwater management projects and riverfront habitat restoration

The first section of the Green Boulevard shared use path that stretches from 39th-43rd Street along the Allegheny Valley Railroad. It was completed in Summer 2023. Follow updates and share your thoughts at the City of Pittsburgh Engage page, or read the full report by clicking below.

Informing Plans

The Green Boulevard has existed in the minds and visions of community members for over a decade, evolving from its beginnings in the Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan in 2010 to a full fledged plan of its own in 2013. Since then, multiple iterations and designs have carried and evolved the Plan into the modern day.

Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan (2010)

The Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan presents a vision for the banks of the Allegheny River in the Strip District and Lawrenceville communities. It is a vision based on respecting fundamental ecological principles, employing smart strategies to increase resident and business connections, increasing the quality of urban living, and achieving a regenerative and sustainable market for long-term investment. Its recommendations address six miles of riverfront, but its vision offers guidance for the entire city.



Green Boulevard Plan (2013)

Strategic Plan: Spearheaded by the City of Pittsburgh, the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Riverlife – and based off of residents’ feedback at dozens of public community meetings – the plan offers strategic recommendations to improve riverfront culture, neighborhood connection, and pedestrian and transit opportunities. It lays the blueprint to approach old problems as new opportunities – from reactivating railways with new forms of transportation and reconnecting neighborhoods with our riverfronts to repurposing vacant parcels as new homes and businesses.

Technical Appendices: The technical appendices are organized to provide the background, conclusions, performance measures (where applicable), and potential funding opportunities for implementation. The technical appendices are as follows: Ecological Conditions & Open Space, 43rd Street Development District, Transportation, and Outreach.

Green Boulevard 2.0 (2015)

A targeted planning effort that engaged adjacent developers to build off the Green Boulevard Plan, respond to market realities, and integrate more recent developments.
The final plan incorporated a development program for the multi-modal pathway, street network recommendations, development recommendations for building performance, stormwater management solutions, and financing recommendations.

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