ACHD’s Clack Campus is about 6.5 acres and borders Arsenal Park.


In 2021, Allegheny County notified Lawrenceville Corporation and Lawrenceville United of its plan to sell the historic Allegheny County Health Department Clack Campus located at 3903 Penn Avenue through an open and competitive RFDP process. Given the site’s enormous potential, Allegheny County agreed to support a planning process to develop community visions, values, and development guidelines for the site.

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The Clack Community Development Guidelines have been over a year in the making. The process involved intensive research and stakeholder engagement, online community meetings, in-person workshops, and a community values survey spanning the course of several months. See below for the completed plan, and for other documents that provide important context about the site and its potential redevelopment.

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It is not often that the community has the opportunity to proactively organize and set priorities in advance of a development proposal. The Clack Campus Development Guidelines are a powerful exception to this rule, but their development is only the beginning of the development process. There will come a time when we as a community will have to react to incoming development proposals and leverage the Development Guidelines to advocate for the community benefits that the site’s history and ownership warrant and the community deserves. See below for more information on how you can influence the development process.

Contact Your Elected Officials! Let your elected officials know that maintaining the public serving nature of the Allegheny County Clack Campus is a priority for you, and what they can do to ensure it’s future redevelopment aligns with community goals:

Councilmember Deborah Gross

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald

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