Neighborhood Business District Digital Platform Development Request for Proposal (RFP)

Bloomfield Development Corporation, Bloomfield Garfield Corporation, and Lawrenceville Corporation have joined together to collaboratively offer assistance to small businesses served by the organizations. As part of the multi-neighborhood collaboration, the organizations are creating new digital platforms to support local neighborhood commercial districts. The organizations seek a professional digital design firm to create a digital brand and design for the collaborative effort and 3 separate websites and e-commerce platforms for each business district. Platforms should be designed so that they can be utilized for special events and scaled internally as needed.

The three community development corporations immediately responded to the current COVID-19 crisis by helping businesses explore and embrace new operational models, providing technical assistance to business owners applying for loans and grants, and advocating for business-friendly policies. Through this work, opportunities were identified to build the capacity of small businesses with specific focus on women and minority-owned businesses within these communities, as well as to more efficiently support and promote the business districts digitally.

To download a copy of the RFP, click here. 

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