Artist Pop-Up Markets Spring Back to Life in April

Spring will soon be upon us, and with it will come the third year of Lawrenceville’s Pop-Up Markets. Founded by artist Rona Chang in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lawrenceville Pop-Up Market was created to support and sustain makers, artists, vintage sellers, and small businesses by helping them connect to customers and sell their local, handmade, and vintage goods. 

“A few friends and I began with the idea of wanting to help each other and host pop ups outside of our studios during the beginning of the pandemic,” says Rona Chang. “Most of us had lost most of our sources of income including retail stores, events and shows.” 

What started as an idea among a small group of friends soon grew to support over 208 artists, small businesses, and other vendors. Many of the participating vendors were just beginning to establish their businesses, and the affordable access to highly visible market space, customers, and marketing proved to be an important resource. 

“This type of collaboration and event programming allows us to think creatively about how we use public spaces and support local businesses in the 21st century,” says Abi Gildea, Business District Manager at Lawrenceville Corporation.

As the market has grown from a few artists to hundreds of vendors, it has quickly become a neighborhood-wide event.

“The Lawrenceville Pop Up Market started off with three vendors in one location,” explains Rona Chang. “We are now beginning our third year with three locations and three Lawrenceville organizations – Radiant Hall, Attack Theatre, and Lawrenceville Corporation – joining hands to create a community event that is still riding the waves of the pandemic.”

For people visiting the neighborhood, the semi-monthly market offers a chance to celebrate and support the many local artists, vintage curators, and other small businesses that make our neighborhood and region so special. 

“Lawrenceville is known for our many retail and hospitality businesses. But we have a vibrant artist community here that lacks visibility because of rising rent on Butler Street,” says Abi Gildea, Business District Manager at Lawrenceville Corporation. “The Pop-Up Markets bring visibility to our artist community while giving the opportunity to folks who may be spending the day walking Butler Street, visiting other businesses, the chance to explore something different and to get to know the neighborhood even better.”  

Join us as artists from across the region emerge from their studios and online stores to set up shop on the street, creating a vibrant market atmosphere where shoppers can find one of a kind items, connect to their community, and experience all Lawrenceville has to offer.

This year, the Pop-Up Market will be held once a month April through June and September through December from 12pm to 4pm, rain or shine. For more information about participating vendors or locations, visit


Spring and Fall Market Dates (Outdoors)

April 2 – May 7 – June 4 – September 10 – October 1

Holiday Market Dates (Indoors)

November 5 – December TBD

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