Keep Your 2018 Resolutions Using Lawrenceville Small Business

Another year, another arbitrary resolution to declare and then sorta forget. Rather than make vague posts about major life upheavals on Facebook, use this list to take baby steps toward self improvement (and supporting local business) in 2018.

Get Movin’

Running on a treadmill to Maury reruns isn’t the most motivating form of exercise. It’s also a major drag to see constant media coverage of people telling you that you don’t work out enough. Ignore the cranky gym rats who sneer at January resolutioners and check out some of Lawrenceville’s fitness options that focus more on community rather than #fitnessgoals and make an effort to just move more this year!

  • Arsenal Strength & Cycle. 5607 Butler Street. Arsenal Strength offers crossfit, but also a variety of beginner fitness programs. They recently also added a cycling studio to their facility. Check out some of their success stories. 
  • Elevate Fusion Fitness. 5247 Butler Street. Lawrenceville’s newest fitness center is slated to open this year and is offering new clients 3 classes for $30. Download their free app to sign up for classes. Search for Elevate: Fusion Fitness. Follow them on Instagram here. 
  • Pittsburgh Fitness Project. 5500 Butler Street. Pittsburgh Fitness Project is focused on both fitness + wellness. You can get a free mind and body health assessment to start off, and the trainers will create a plan individualized for you. The first class is also free. Check out their class schedule here.
  • Yoga Factory. 3418 Penn Avenue. Yoga Factory offers a intro month special, so you get an entire month’s work of class for $29. Pick from a variety of classes, including Restore, Bikram, HIIT, Yoga Jamz, and even Yoga Monsters, a program for kids!
  • Healthy Ride. 42nd & Butler Street. 33rd & Penn Ave. 42nd & Penn Ave.  Hop on a Healthy Ride bike! Just don’t forget to layer up. Connect Card users also are eligible for free unlimited 15 minute rides! Find stations throughout the rest of the city here.
  • Bike PGH. 188 43rd Street. Become a member with Bike PGH, check out their biking program for women, or keep up to date with their event calendar to check our local workshops or rides.

Cut Down on Food Comas in 2018

Don’t make a major diet overhaul this year and give up two weeks in. Pick up an option with some green in it for lunch a couple days of the week and support the restaurants below who have committed to sustainable business practices + have healthy options that aren’t a bowl of sad romaine lettuce.

  • REED&CO. 4113 Butler Street. Think vegan but familiar! Eat a (beyond meat) burger but don’t waste the rest of your afternoon half asleep at your desk. Snack on some watermelon jerky. Try a chocolate avocado pudding for dessert! This juicery + health food haven also delivers. You can also find ’em on Grubhub. Finish off your meal with a health shot. Follow their Instagram here. 
  • B52. 5202 Butler Street. B52 is beloved by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Skip a greasy sandwich and grab a falafel salad or share a couple of small plates (sautéed shiitake, avocado, cashew yogurt…). They also deliver via Grubhub.
  • Pittsburgh Juice Company. 3418 Penn Ave. PJC (conveniently located next to Yoga Factory aka block of self improvement) offers a rainbow variety of cold pressed juices + small bites. Negative temperatures got ya feeling under the weather? Grab an immunity fireball. Refresh with a carrot apple ginger or black beauty water. Learn more about PJC’s soon to be open Heirloom Superfood Market and their recent campaign with Honeycomb Credit to bring their juices across the city with a delivery truck.
  • Looking for more healthy or sustainable options? Lawrenceville is home to over a dozen Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants, including Spirit, Kickback Pinball Cafe, 52nd Street Market, Senti, The Pittsburgh Juice Company, B52, Franktuary, Smoke BBQ & Taqueria, Burghers Lawrenceville, The Abbey on Butler Street, Allegheny Wine Mixer, Cinderlands Beer Co., REED&CO, Banh Mi & Ti, and The Vandal.

Start A New Hobby or Commit to an Old One

It’s weird to realize that you’re an adult with no hobbies. What exactly do people do with “spare time?” Learn a new skill this year, or hang out with a group of people who also enjoy knitting, or dancing, or gardening. Do something for you in those 8 hours not dedicated to work or sleeping.

  • Nine Stories Pittsburgh. 5400 Butler Street. Reading for 10 minutes is a day is a very attainable goal that amounts to a huge change by the end of the year! Pick up some options at Nine Stories. Stay connected via Facebook and see when they host book clubs, readings, and other events!
  • Songbird Artistry. 4316 Penn Ave. Learn a new skill at Songbird! The family + women owned business hosts a variety of DIY classes. Follow along on Facebook to see new events or check out their event calendar. Coming up: a Mommy & Me Hip Hop Dance class, a dance + color class, an open craft night, and a stained glass mosaic class.
  • Backstage Guitars. 4123 Butler Street. Learn a new instrument! Backstage offers guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, and piano/keyboard lessons. One on one lessons at the pace of your choosing. Email or call 412.235.7765 for more information.
  • City Grows. 5208 Butler Street. Gain a hobby + improve mental health with gardening! Even in the winter, City Grows has a variety of houseplants, terrariums, and garden how-to books! At the very least, you could spruce up your home or workspace with a new plant to motivate in the new year. See some options on their Instagram.
  • Wildcard. 4209 Butler Street. Become slightly more put-together this year and actually send those thank-you cards! Write a letter to your mom! Finally start bullet journaling even though that Buzzfeed article about it has been in your bookmarks since 2014! Wildcard is home to a lot of cute treasures beyond cards. Pick up a planner, or a notebook, or vow to never show up to a party empty handed and bring a cute gift (which they can wrap for you).

New Year, New ‘Do (Or Wardrobe, or Face)

#NewYearNewYou can take many forms. Don’t remember the last time you had a haircut? Still confused how to achieve winged eyeliner? Need a product to help with the fact that Pittsburgh weather hurts your face? Look no further.

  • Metamorphosis Salon and Spa. 5112 Butler Street. Didn’t get a hair cut in 2017? Thinkin’ about a wild color? Head to Metamorphosis and the stylists will take care of you. Check out their Facebook page to check out recent looks.
  • The Gilded Girl. 5104 Butler Street. Finally learn how to nail a smoky eye with classes at The Gilded Girl. Facials and individual makeup classes are also available. Shop an incredible selection of luxury and indie beauty at a store that won’t judge you for uneven cat eyes + can help fix it instead. Follow The Gilded Girl on Instagram to see new looks.
  • Una Biologicals. 4322 Butler Street. Una offers handmade and organic products that will put the life back into your skin after existing in negative temperatures. Check out masques or face cream, and their award-winning lip balm. They also offer classes focusing on wellness, health and mediation. Check back on their event page for updates.



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