(PARK)ing Day 2014 in Lawrenceville

(PARK)ing day is an annual international event during which public parking spaces are transformed into public “parks” for the day. This year, Lawrenceville, with the help of some great people especially, Christov Churchwood and the rest of the Bike/Ped Committee, was transformed into an eighteen hole golf course for the day.


When we first sat in on a meeting discussing (PARK)ing Day earlier in September at the monthly Bike PGH meeting, we were skeptical that their big ideas (including DJs, food trucks, 18 holes which would require participating businesses in Lawrenceville) was actually possible. Little did we know we were dealing with some very determined people and of course, some very cool business owners. We won’t doubt Lawrenceville again.

Thanks everyone who helped make this event possible. Many emails, phone calls, and early set ups later, (PARK)ing Day in Lawrenceville was a tremendous success. We had a great time camped out in front of The Pittsburgh Juice Company all morning with Lawrenceville United (and of course, sipped on some delicious organic juice while trying our hand at some golf).

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