Leslie Park Walk

The Lawrenceville Corporation is excited to work with Lawrenceville United, Pittsburgh Park Conservancy and Friends of Arsenal Park in the revitalization of two community spaces in Leslie and Arsenal Park.



LC received a large grant with the support of Senator Ferlo which, with the help of previous city funding from Councilman Patrick Dowd will go toward the parks of Lawrenceville. Without being bogged down with tales of funding, the important thing to know is that we and the rest of the Park Steering Committee elected MKSK Studios from Columbus Ohio to lead this master planning process.

MKSK and the steering committee hosted a Leslie Park Walk on Thursday September 25th for community members of visitors to attend, share their concerns and hopes and dreams for the park. We started at the World War I memorial statue, circled to the slightly outdated playground, up to the baseball fields and finally down to what used to be the Leslie Swimming Pool.


We discussed what the park has been in the past and what it is now. Community members shared their love of the park and their own experience growing up there and raising their kids there. Parents of younger children explained that Leslie park, being a central location in Lawrenceville, is a natural meeting point for kids and parents alike. In spite of some differences of opinion there seems to be a general agreement that Leslie Park is an important part of the community and that any investment in the park would be a great asset to the community.

If you were unable to attend this last event, the good news is that there will be more events to voice opinions in the future. MKSK is still in the data collection phase and they are eager to hear from the community. You can also join the online discussion here:


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