march, 2019

15mar5:00 pm8:30 pmINTUITIVE FRIDAY NIGHT Speaker SeriesJudi Vitale Astrologer Workshop


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Even people who have no exposure to astrology hear about “Mercury Retrograde.” It’s a period

of time that can be highly frustrating. Some of the reasons this is so are:

Communication breakdowns

Memory loss

Lost Items

Difficulty with travel

Problems with technology

Bad contracts and business deals

Traffic jams and accidents

Bloopers in the media

All these things happen during retrograde periods because Mercury, the archetypal god in

charge of taking ideas and changing them into words, symbols, and other means of

communication and connection, is “on vacation.” Because of the way both Mercury and the

earth move in space, there are about three, three-week long periods each year when Mercury

appears to move backwards.

During this time, Mercury is “on vacation,” and we no longer have Mercury’s help with these

areas of our lives.

Many people might want to crawl under a rock during these periods, but that’s not necessary.

Astrology allows us to learn about and manage the energies of the celestial bodies, creating a

much more stable and happy way of being.

In this workshop, we’re going to learn more about Mercury as an archetype, and how we can

“make friends” with him. This helps us to not only get through the Mercury retrograde periods,

but also to understand how Mercury operates in our own lives, and how we can tap on this

energy to be more effective communicators, and plan our activities so they are in harmony with

the cosmic plan.

Judi Vitale has been interested in astrology since the dawning of the Age of

Aquarius. In practice since the early 1980s,she achieved her professional

certification from NCGR-PAA in 1995. After a career in New York, writing

horoscopes for various magazines, Judi has re-settled in her native city of

Pittsburgh. There she has a Transpersonal Coaching practice that reaches the

Pittsburgh area and beyond, through travel and internet work. She is a

candidate for a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, and also offers services

covering Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Breath Therapy, Reiki and Yoga.


(Friday) 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Christine Frechard Gallery

5126 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA. 15201



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