Toll Gate Revival Marks First Year in Lawrenceville

Seth Hunter grew up fourty-five minutes outside of Pittsburgh in a picturesque part of Washington County on Toll Gate Farm. As a kid, he could be found rummaging through reclaimed wood and repurposing tools once vital to rural industry—seeing what others couldn’t. When he realized he could sell his pieces, Toll Gate Revival was born.

Celebrating its first full year as a storefront at 3711 Butler Street in Lawrenceville, Seth has built a successful business sharing his appreciation for history in the rustbelt. The warm and cozy space is filled with the reclaimed vintage furniture and home goods indicative of industrial Pittsburgh. Items carry the patina of history from our eclectic part of the country—its not surprising that they don’t stay with Seth for too long. “The key is to not get too attached.”  he says, “…find something you like, keep it for a little bit, then rotate it out.”

The first year in a new space is bound to provide many lessons learned and Seth admits he is still learning the retail game—from what hours are best for foot traffic to customer buying patterns. He has begun to off more home good items including t-shirts, candles, and pillows from reclaimed materials—in order to add the finishing touches to your interior.

Besides being a successful storefront, Toll Gate has caught the eye of many an event planner. It was scouted as a location for filming both a short film and product shoot. It served as a venue for a secret traveling rock show, a few other concerts, and a rehearsal dinner. The most interesting event would have to be an intimate wedding for a couple with family living too far to travel. Instead, the small wedding party used a video streaming app to live stream the nuptials from Toll Gate Revival’s intimate space.

It’s no surprise that Hollywood has come knocking as well. Seth has supplied projects like American Pastoral and TV show Banshee with period specific pieces for their sets. Seth sold one set a couple carts on wheels that they needed more of so the crew build exact replicas. “They can replicate a single piece to where it looks identical—it’s crazy.”

The one year anniversary celebration is this Saturday, October 15th from 11am–6pm when customers can enjoy free beer, store wide discounts, and giveaways. Leading up to Saturday follow Toll Gate Revival on Instagram (@tollgaterevival).

Interested in hosting in their space or have something interesting to share? Hit Seth up at to talk over details.

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