Sustainability in Lawrenceville


Lawrenceville has several restaurants that have been recognized by the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program, but now other retailers have the opportunity to get involved! Sustainable Pittsburgh has recently started Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop, a program for non-food service businesses to participate in being a responsible member of the Pittsburgh community. Like the Sustainable Restaurant program, businesses start by completing the online assessment and receiving their recognition badge. The levels of recognition are based on a points system, which businesses can earn by practicing sustainable methods. For example, using low-flow toilets or using LED lightbulbs would earn points. Businesses can also earn points for less conventional features, like supporting local artists and being in an area that is easy for customers to reach by sustainable means (walking, biking, etc.)

When businesses practice sustainable methods, it makes a positive impact on the community. A sustainable commercial district can set the tone for surrounding residential communities, encouraging neighbors to also practice green living. Selling sustainable goods like handmade clothes and upcycled furniture provides community members with more opportunities to contribute to the movement. When the whole community works together on initiatives like recycling, carpooling, and reducing waste, the cost of living can decline and bring more tourists to the area, boosting the local economy.

Some of our Lawrenceville neighbors are already recognized members of the Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop program, including:

Constellation Coffee
Crystal Bead Bazaar
11th Hour Brewing Co.
Emilie Cohen Studios
Evolve Modern Hairdressing
Gerbe Glass
Hippie & French
Make + Matter
Paul Michael Design
Revival Print Co
Songbird Artistry


Ready to join the Sustainable Pittsburgh family? Visit Sustainable Pittsburgh’s website to get started!

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