Recap: Doughboy Design Meeting #3

The final community meeting about the plans for the proposed development at 3404 and 3330-3350 Penn Avenue took place at the Roberto Clemente Museum on Thursday, 10/27.

The architects at FortyEighty Architecture and The Studio for Spatial Practice presented the updated designs to the public, and LC staff Matt Galluzzo and Ed Nusser talked about the goals, context, and timeline of the development.

The design approach is based on community priorities and was outlined at the second community meeting about the project.

The architects presented the latest version of the designs, including some external material options, the floor plans for units and parking areas, and shadow studies. For more details, check out the slides.

Major Pointsjeff-talking-from-side

  1. The buildings as designed now will be smaller than the allowable zoning envelope, similar in scale to all surrounding buildings, and won’t cast obtrusive shadows on neighboring structures.
  2. The building on the 3404 site will be contextual with both the existing residential on the 34th St side and the existing retail on the Penn Ave side.
  3. There will be a plaza on the corner of 34th and Penn (where Doughboy Park is currently located) with good evening sunlight and many potential public uses.
  4. Current estimates are for 33-35 residential units.
  5. As planned, the development meets parking requirements.
  6. The earliest possible completion date for this development is second quarter 2020.

Finally, the team took questions and the community had a conversation about the development.

If you’d like to hear more about the project and how you can stay involved, contact Ed Nusser, LC’s Real Estate and Planning Manager at or 412.621.1616 x 106.

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