Lawrenceville Parking Updates

In 2015, Lawrenceville Corporation commissioned an update to the parking study that was completed in the neighborhood in 2012 by Trans Associates, a local transportation consultant. Given the influx of night-time uses, destination businesses such as Row House Cinema and Kickback Pinball Cafe, and the large amount of new developments in the pipeline for the neighborhood since 2012, LC decided it was time to update the study to reflect current and future parking pressures on the neighborhood.

2012 Parking Study

The 2015 updated study considers the occupancy levels of nighttime uses that have opened since 2012, as well as the parking requirements for the larger developments planned for the neighborhood. By analyzing data provided by LC and observing business district activity on two nights in August 2015, Trans Associates determined there is currently a deficit of 819 spaces. With all the new development there will soon be a deficit of 909 parking spaces between 34th and 47th Street. Here is snapshot of important data from the study:

2015 Parking Study

The parking demand was divided into four (4) parking zones as follows:

  • Zone A – 34th to 37th Street;
  • Zone B – 37th to 40th Street;
  • Zone C – 40th to 45th Street; and
  • Zone D – 45th to 47th Street.

Unmet off-street parking demands were calculated for each zone:

  • Zone A – 103 unmet off-street parking space demand
  • Zone B – 179 unmet off-street parking space demand
  • Zone C – 537 unmet off-street parking space demand
  • Zone D – 0 unmet off-street parking space demand
  • Total – 819 unmet off-street parking space demand

Unmet parking demand for future developments was determined by calculating the City of Pittsburgh minimum parking requirement for each development. Additionally, a reduction in the number of off-street parking spaces for providing bicycle parking was assumed for each development.

  • Zone A – 45 parking space demand
  • Zone B – 10 parking space demand
  • Zone C – 19 parking space demand
  • Zone D – 16 parking space demand

Total – 90 parking space demand

Total Existing and Planned Developments – 909 (819 + 90) parking demand

Addressing the Issue

While the current parking situation in the neighborhood may seem bleak, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. LC and LU have been working Milhaus Ventures to determine if a shared parking garage could be accommodated within their development at the Arsenal Terminal site at 40th and Butler. This proposed garage could accommodate a variety of users for this part of the neighborhood, such as Arsenal Middle and Elementary Schools, the forthcoming hotel at the old Washington Vocational School, and the Thunderbird expansion. In addition (and perhaps most importantly), it could create a much-needed and centrally located reservoir of public parking.


LC and LU have presented this concept in four community meetings over the past month. Over 300 residents and other stakeholders attended these meetings. Based on meeting testimony and post-meeting survey responses, there is clear support from the neighborhood for it.

01.26.16-Milhaus-Arsenal copy

Click to enlarge


LC and LU have formally requested assistance from the Mayor’s Office and other public partners to help us deliver on this concept. It looks like feasibility work will likely continue over the next year, but LC and LU are optimistic that the Milhaus site garage could become a reality that would reduce the parking crunch in Lawrenceville.

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