Member Spotlight: Beer on Butler

Lawrenceville is becoming the heart of Pittsburgh with interesting shops, restaurants, and bars. Beer On Butler is located in the heart of Lawrenceville! We have been a well established beer distributor since 2016. The beer industry is going towards new experiences and keeping the old charm of beers. Local breweries are becoming a major part of the taste for beer lovers. We carry all local breweries. Imports are the other side of beer industry. People travel all over the world and love the beer they find in different parts of the world. Beer On Butler has a great selection of imports. We try to carry all possible imports that are available by our suppliers. Our walk-in cooler has plenty of domestic and craft cold beer.

People come to our store and are amazed by our selection like a child in a candy shop! We have a wide variety, and our prices are most reasonable in the area. We receive good compliments about our pricing. Our staff is very helpful and energetic, they are always ready to help! You can walk in the store any given day, and you will be able to leave with something new or something you really like. We also take party and wedding orders.

Finding parking in Lawrenceville is challenging, but we have a large parking lot on site which provides good flexibility for your shopping experience. We also carry propane, ice, and firewood for BBQ.

Lawrenceville is a community place. We participate in our community deeply and proudly. Promoting the Cookie Tour, Art Festival, or Memorial Day Parade, we are proud to be a community based business. Pets are a major part of our day to day life as our store is pet friendly. We offer complimentary dog treats to every dog walking in our store.

My husband and I moved from New Jersey to Pittsburgh with a small dream of growing better. Nilam owns the Sunoco gas station on Butler street. In our initial years, I helped my husband at the gas station as well as my work at the University of Pittsburgh. I learned about retail business by working with him. Having children is a beautiful part of a woman’s life. I was working at the University of Pittsburgh for over 10 years, but after having children life started becoming busier. Following work hours and taking care of our kids was becoming stressful. I wanted to work with my own hours and flexibility. I started looking around for options that are good for a woman. I came across the beer business, which is a growing industry. It amazed me how much people love beer. The part of the world I am from, is a dry state, meaning alcohol is not served anywhere in that state, so I never knew about people’s passion for beer!

There is a saying – No place like home! By helping at my husband’s place, I started to know lots of people in the community. I wanted to stay close to people I know. I started this adventure in 2016 – Beer On Butler! There were lots of initial hours and a learning process. Each of my employees would teach me something new, making me more passionate and bold about my business and work. There are very few women who own Beer Distributors, and I am proud to be one of them. As a business owner, I always try to learn new aspects of the business and learn who my customers are.

Neha K Shah
Minority Woman Owned Business

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