Get Your Spot on the 2019 Cookie Tour!

The Joy of Cookies, Cookie Tour had its beginnings as a holiday open house at Jay Design Soaps & Gifts in 1997. Driven by the spirit of collaboration, it has become a signature Lawrenceville event in our thriving business district. We are seeking businesses to participate in The Joy of Cookies, Cookie Tour 2019. Participating businesses benefit from this extremely popular event enjoying record sales and gaining repeat customers from the over 8,000 attendees. This year’s event will be held on December 6, 7 and 8.

Two ways to get involved

Cookie Stop : $125 for members; $150 for non-members | Take-a-break Stop: $150

  • Cookie Stops sport a gingerbread sign letting customers know they are offering free sample sized cookies;
  • Take-A-Break Stops are just that—a place to rest and enjoy a beer or cup of coffee along the tour. They feature a small red stop sign outside;
  • Both are listed on the tour map and posters
Supporting Business: $50 for members
($100 for non-members)

  • Listing in promotional materials

Two ways to pay

Fill out the form below and pay online via PayPal


Print out the PDF form and mail in with a check made out to
Lawrenceville Corporation
100 43rd Street, Suite 208
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

The Budget Supports

  • Regional print and digital advertising (including maps and posters),
  • Billboards,
  • Two circulating trolleys
  • Large banner,
  • A series of press releases,
  • Event listings

 All checks and forms must be received by Monday, October 7. No exceptions.

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