Fun Facts and Lville Legends

“Filled with wondrous landmarks and truly historical sites. Visit the friendly people and the quaint atmosphere. You’ll get a remarkable feel for times already past.”



That’s a quote from an article published on May 14th 1986. Well that sentiment may be almost 30 years old but Lawrenceville Corporation thinks it’s as true today as it was 30 years ago. So we wanted to take this moment to compile some of our favorite historical facts about good ol’ Lville.

  • Lawrenceville is named for a fallen naval hero, Captain James Lawrence (a man who also happens to have uttered the some incredible last words ‘Don’t Give up the Ship!’)
  • There is a 43rd and a Half Street (It’s as if J.K. Rowling made that one up)
  • Round Corner Tavern (Now home to Round Corner Cantina) is the oldest continuous business establishment in Lawrenceville and was founded in 1962
  • Before the Europeans arrived, Lawrenceville was called Shannopin’s Town and was inhabited by the Delaware Indians.
  • George Washington came to Lawrenceville…and almost froze to death in 1753.
  • In 1963 Pittsburgh Brewing became the first company to use pull tab cans
  • The 78 victims of the infamous Arsenal Explosion (1862), “the unsung heroines of the Civil War” were honored in 1912 with a memorial created from a large granite boulder from Maine weighing more than 5 tons.
  • There are several examples of Greek Revival Homes in the neighborhood
  • In 1828 there were only 200 inhabitants (how times have changed!)
  • There are 10 Lawrenceville buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (That’s 6% of those listed in Pittsburgh!)

La Gourmadine

Any more Lawrenceville facts or stories, we’d love to hear them!

If you’re interested in learning more, here are some great resources:

Carnegie Library
Lawrenceville Historical Society
In Loving Memory…And Still More Lawrenceville Stories by Ray Ouin, James Wudarczyk, and Jude Wudarczyk

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