A Visit to Dragonfly Castle Toys

Hatfield Street is now home to a small but welcoming toy store called Dragonfly Castle. ­I walked in on a cool fall day to be enthusiastically welcomed by Nan’s two dogs. Nan is the owner of this new corner store. She was excited to talk to me about her new location on Hatfield Street, the toys, the dogs and of course, her own story. Nan worked in Ohio in an office focusing cancer research for a majority of her early career. Well, she needed a change and after owning a traveling toy booth for a number of years she decided it was time for a brick and mortar store. She was set on a location in Lawrenceville. The store celebrated its grand opening on Sunday October 5th.

photo (5)

Inspired by a toy store in New York’s East Village, Nan has created a fairy tale themed toy store. “No animals in captivity here” she explains, “but we’re big on monsters.” Nan tries to bring in made-in-America products and does her best to pay attention to the worker conditions and organic material of the items she chooses to welcome into her store. She points to a line of Plan Toys as an example. It is a Thailand based company with a heavy focus on the social and environmental impact of their toys. But toys that encourage imagination are the utmost priority for Nan. In short, Nan explains, “If it’s cute, I’ll sell it.”

Nan has devoted a small section of the store to gifts for the “hard to shop for men in your life.” She affectionately dubs this corner the “Man Cave.” Nan’s passion for toys and all things adorable was infectious as she showed me the various products she has so carefully chosen to include in her collection.  Toys, games, an eager canine welcome committee and a line of coloring books for adults…this is sure to be a favorite for Lawrenceville residents and visitors (and of course, a welcome stop on the annual Cookie Tour!)

photo (4)The eager welcome committee. 

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