Recapping Doughboy Design Meeting #2

On the evening of September 15th, Lawrenceville community members came together at St. Augustine’s Church to hear from the design team working on the mixed-use, affordable development at 3400-3404 and 3330-3350 Penn Avenue.


LC and its partners at FortyEighty Architecture and The Studio for Spatial Practice presented the in-progress designs to the public for the first time and talked about the goals of the development, based on community priorities: creating a mixed-use development with retail to complete Doughboy Square and providing apartments that are affordable.

LC’s Executive Director Matt Galluzzo and Real Estate & Planning Manager Ed Nusser introduced the project’s context and goals, and architects Jonathan Kline from The Studio for Spatial Practice and Jeff Davis from FortyEighty presented preliminary designs for the development (check out the slides here). Then the team got feedback from the community, who shared their thoughts on the scale and massing of the buildings and green space on the site with the architects. Finally, the team took general questions and comments.

Key Design Takeaways

  • Design approach is informed by the community’s priorities: contextual scale and height, affordable housing, engaging retail, parking, and open space.
  • The project will address the affordable housing shortage in Lawrenceville by creating between 30 and 35 new units while also providing the parking required by zoning. Additionally, this development will include between 2600 and 2800 square feet of retail along Penn Avenue.
  • Earliest possible project completion date is 2Q 2020.
  • The building at 3330-3350 Penn Avenue is designed to be significantly shorter than zoning allows. The architects chose to stay at this lower height to match the scale of existing buildings along Penn Avenue.


This meeting was the second in a series about this development. For specific information about these plans, please review the presentation and meeting notes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like more information. LC’s Real Estate & Planning Manager, Ed Nusser, can be reached at 412-621-1616 x106 or

To stay engaged with this project, come to the next community meeting at 6pm on October 27th at the Clemente Museum.

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