2022 Board of Directors Election Update

One of Lawrenceville Corporation’s Board of Directors roles and goals is to build a capable Board. LC envisions a community that is defined and strengthened by its diversity. We are committed to building an inclusive board and organizational structure that possesses a diversity of professional and personal backgrounds and who embody the gender, racial, socio-economic, age, and cultural diversity of the community served by the organization.  

As per LC bylaws, qualified Board of Directors must have a vested interest in Lawrenceville, including individuals who reside in the Lawrenceville area or who own, manage, or work in a Lawrenceville business, bank, institution, nonprofit organization, or with local government. The Board shall have a balanced representation of Directors from the entire service and program area of the organization with a 33% minimum of residents. Board members are required to be members of the organization in good standing upon election.  

About the Nominating Committee

In order to fulfill the Board’s goal of building a diverse and capable Board, LC has chartered a Nominating Committee. LC’s Nominating Committee is made up of 6 Board members, including the organization’s Governance Committee members. 

The Nominating Committee will conduct interviews with selected candidates and will recommend them to the relevant organizational Committee. Those who best meet the specified criteria will join a slate of candidates for approval by the Board of Directors, and for formal approval and election by the LC Members at the Annual Meeting in June 2022.

Lawrenceville Corporation convened a Nominating Committee in 2021 to focus on clarifying and formalizing our board recruitment, nominations, and elections process. The Committee identified needs of the organization based on the existing skills and experience of current board members, member surveys, community demographics, organizational work plans, and the organizational mission, vision, and values. The Nominating Committee will oversee recruitment, review, and recommendation of interested members to relevant committees and will recommend a slate of candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. Membership will vote to approve or reject the slate of candidates at LC’s annual meeting. For details on Board Responsibilities and for a timeline, scroll down.

Board Member Responsibilities

Board candidates who are successful in the election must pledge to support Lawrenceville Corporation’s Mission, Vision, and Values Statement. Board Members are responsible for attending monthly Board meetings and Committee meetings and should expect to spend an average of 5-10 hours every month on LC business. Board members are responsible for ensuring adequate financial resources; protecting assets and providing proper financial oversight; building a capable board; ensuring legal and ethical integrity; enhancing the organization’s public standing; determining mission and purpose; selecting the Executive Director; supporting and evaluating the Executive Director; ensuring effective planning; and monitoring and strengthening programs and services. All LC Board Members are required to sign Conflict of Interest and Board Member Responsibilities Policy Statement.



March 1, 2022
Call for Interest

March 25, 2022
Interest Forms submitted

March/April 2022
Nominating Committee reviews information submitted

April 2022
Individuals deemed eligible by the Nominating Committee will be invited to meet

May 2022

  • Nominating Committee makes recommendations to Committees for potential new members
  • Nominating Committee presents a slate of nominees for approval to the Board of Directors

June 6th, 2022
Membership is invited to vote to approve or reject slate of candidates presented by the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting 


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