Women Who Work: A Profile of Reagan West-Whitman

Reagan West-Whitman is part of a community. Lawrenceville is a community of volunteers, of small business, of women who work, and she just so happens to belong to all those facets of what makes our neighborhood thrive. Reagan and her husband moved to Lawrenceville in 2014 after looking for a neighborhood to call home. After living in an apartment for two years, they knew Lawrenceville was their permanent home, and they began to look for a house.

The couple used a Realtor recommended from a friend, and began to start their search. However, it quickly became clear that the Realtor wrote them off after discovering they weren’t looking for a hugely expensive property.

“We were put on an automatic email server and it felt very generic,” she said, “We felt a little bit like a throwaway client. We should still matter, even though we may not have had the higher income of a different type of client.”

The Realtor then tried to push them into signing paperwork without taking the time to explain the paperwork. As Reagan was signing, she realized this wasn’t what she wanted, but the environment was so tense; it was tough to push back. Luckily, the offer the Realtor put in fell through, and they paused their search to begin with a fresh start.

After her experience with that Realtor, and through the support of friends and family, Reagan took action. Like many of the female entrepreneurs in Lawrenceville, she armed herself with knowledge and experience. She began taking real estate classes to be able to navigate conversations with a future Realtor.

Shortly after, Reagan realized there was a future for her in realty.

“Everyone remarked I had the perfect personality for the job. It’s more than taking the classes. It’s about people. I see everyone as a long term investment and that everyone is worthy of that investment.”

That people first philosophy is something that Reagan takes very seriously. Her journey has been an exciting one; making connections through the industry, finding various educational opportunities, and starting her new career at Northwood Realty Services in Squirrel Hill.

Reagan and her family happily found their forever home, quite perfectly, on Home Street in Lawrenceville, the ideal location to visit some of her favorite Lawrenceville staples, and fellow female business fronted stores Wildcard, Una Biologicals, and The Candle Lab.

“Lawrenceville is experiencing a Renaissance,” she said, “It is a thriving community, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

Start your search for a dream home with Reagan. She can be reached at Northwood Realty Services, on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill. Visit her website at http://reaganwest-whitman.northwood.com/, call 412-521-5100 (office), 412-865-7039 (cell) or email rwestwhitman@northwood.com.

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