What Sustainability Looks Like in Lawrenceville

Last year, we partnered with Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants to support the eateries in our neighborhood already on the fast track to implementing creative sustainable practices. Ten of our restaurants are involved in the program, including Franktuary, Pittsburgh Juice Company, B52, Senti, Smoke BBQ & Taqueria, Kaleidoscope Cafe, Tender Bar and Kitchen, Spirit, Kickback Pinball Cafe, and 52nd Street Market. What are the perks, besides making our neighborhood more ethical, healthy, and clean? Program participants are eligible to receive grants from $500-$5,000 for sustainable efforts, get the chance to meet with other vendors who seek out like-minded partners, and are featured in publications like Table Magazine and Pittsburgh Magazine.

Photo Credit: Christopher Sprowls

What have Sustainable Restaurant PGH Grants Funded?

  • B52’s new energy efficient refrigerator
  • Spirit’s neighborhood business garden
  • Franktuary’s microgreens growing station and two new bicycles as alternative transportation methods
  • 52nd Street Market’s new undercounter refrigerator for the deli
  • Pittsburgh Juice Company’s benchmark compost system

Table Magazine featured Spirit and Pittsburgh Juice Company’s sustainable projects in a recent insert. Spirit’s neighborhood garden not only grows fresh ingredients for their cocktail and food menu, but acts as a community hub for other 10th ward business including 52nd Street Market, Allegheny Wine Mixer, B52, Butcher on Butler, Butterwood Bake Consortium, Caffè d’Amore, Calligramme, City Grows, Cure, Duncan St. Dinners, Green Sinner, Hop Farm, Una Botanicals and Von Walter & Funk.

Pittsburgh Juice Company already had a lot of eco-friendly policies in house, including a bottle return program for their customers, as well as a discounted juice shelf for expired product. Their new benchmark compost system raises the bar even higher. They now have a local site to manage the waste production from their juice.

Franktuary’s microgreens station grows fresh product right inside their restaurant. Sustainable, and convenient.

Lawrenceville institutions are becoming the model for eco-friendly business, and residents can play a big part in ethical consumption. Visit one of our sustainable restaurants or download the program’s info card and leave it at your favorite neighborhood spot.

Many restaurants already fulfill a lot of the criteria necessary to be plated. Take a look at the quick start guide.

Interested in becoming a sustainable Pittsburgh restaurant? For more info, visit the website here or email Rachel Webber to arrange a meeting.

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