Spring Marketing 2016

rain-01-01On February 2nd, the Lawrenceville Corporation hosted a Spring Marketing Meeting to discuss a possible alternative to The Blossom Tour.

Over 30 business owners convened early Tuesday morning at The Vandal to learn more about a proposal to advertise the Lawrenceville Business District as a destination for Mother’s Day Weekend. Whether it’s gift purchases for Mom leading up to May 8th or bringing her down to Butler Street to treat her on her special day—it’s clear the neighborhood has offerings for every Mom.

While The Blossom Tour was a great tool to generate interest and traffic in the business district over the past decade, Lawrenceville’s offerings have grown outside of the traditional audience of the tour. The need to gift complimentary seed packets to encourage spending in the district has fulfilled its intended purpose. The new strategy aims to highlight broader range of businesses and a variety of activities, shopping experiences, and special events.

The goal for this new campaign, (working title: Bring Your Mother to Lawrenceville) is to promote Lawrenceville as a destination where anyone can shower mom with gifts, treat her to brunch or dinner and a movie, and / or indulge her with anything from craft beer and cigars to spa treatments. Everyone who buys in will be listed on the lvpgh.com website with their promotion starting the first week of March. While most participating businesses are brick and mortar, we are also inviting Lawrenceville based business that conduct predominantly online sales to participate.

Ideas for how small shops can promote their sales in conjunction with this campaign:

  • Gift guides, sales, and shopping promotions leading up to Mother’s Day
  • Special workshops or classes happening Mother’s Day weekend (for just mom, mom + kids, mom + adult kids, etc.)
  • Combination deals between businesses: “Spend $X on a gift at X store, and get 10% a flower arrangement at X store”
  • Activities to do with children or any age

The sky is the limit. 

The proposal is open until February 12th for interested Lawrenceville based business owners to sign up.

Interested parties can fill out this Google doc, consenting to be invoiced for the $100 to participate in the initiative. If we don’t reach a critical number of interested businesses, there is still time to re-think for Spring.

For questions, contact Genevieve Barbee at assistant@lawrencevillecorp.com.


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