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This year, LC is taking a different spin on the cookie tour. While we can’t host the traditional cookie tour this year because of COVID-19 event guidelines, we wanted to ensure the spirit of the event continued into the holiday season.

Lawrenceville businesses can sign up for the punch card at no cost. The promotion begins this coming Saturday, November 28. Sign ups are still ongoing, however, any sign ups received after Friday, November 21 will be given only the instruction sheet and stickers – our cards have already been distributed! Your info will still be listed on our website and we can give you a poster as well.

  • The promo will run throughout all of December, beginning on Small Business Saturday, November 28.
  • We will use three different kinds of stickers to differentiate between retail, service and hospitality biz so that the stipulations for prize winning can be both quantitative (shop at 5,10, 15, 20 lv biz – win a different prize) and so that folks can earn prizes by shopping by biz type (support 5 restaurants or 5 retail, etc).
  • The prizes will be coupons for cookies, gift cards or small items from participating businesses. LC will be able to buy some of those items directly from the business community.
  • Prizes will be able to be redeemed in person on four different occasions, including the weekly December Lawrenceville Farmers Market, and one day in January in the courtyard of the Ice House Studios.

Sign up below!

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