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Lawrenceville is a proud neighborhood. Residents are proud of their history, proud of their sense of community, and proud of their ever-growing commercial district. It seems that almost every month there are grand opening celebrations. Here at Lawrenceville Corporation we could not be prouder of the number of small business owners who are calling Lawrenceville home and deciding to invest in their community. We have more than 200 independently owned businesses in Lawrenceville that have brought new life to Lawrenceville and it is up to us to support them.

Shop Small in Lawrenceville

Throughout this upcoming holiday shopping season, we urge you to invest in local businesses. Here in Lawrenceville, we have some incredible boutiques, galleries, and shops. Need new jeans? Cozy sweaters? A new tie? Think Lawrenceville.

Looking for fun gifts? Check out Divertido or Wildcard or City Grows. Need home goods or crafts? Check out T’s Upholstery or get a gift card to Paint Monkey!

Today we want to feature Lawrenceville’s boutiques. Sure, you know you can come to Lawrenceville for gifts, art, or pottery but what about clothing? Skip the mall and check out some boutiques instead.

Here’s a little boutique history for you….

First came Pavement in 2006. Alissa Martin founded Pavement with the goal of bringing community together. “Shop, grab a coffee, become a local”, Alissa writes on her website. Every item in the shop is handpicked and manufactured in the US. Local shops, supporting local designers.

When Cara Moody, owner of Jupe in South Side wanted to open a second location, she chose Lawrenceville. Cara was even featured on CBS’s “Boutique Week” seen here.

Next came Mid-Atlantic Mercantile, a beautiful shop in Central Lawrenceville. Quality, design and well-made quality goods. Those are Emily Slagel’s central considerations when she hand selects every item in the shop.

Julia Weiskopf is a former New York City publicist and current owner of Jules, which opened in 2013. Julia decided to leave the marketing world and instead follow her passion for fashion and invest in Lawrenceville.

Emily, Alissa, and Julia all call Lawrenceville home. They are as invested in their community as much as they are in their businesses. When you open a small business you’re making a big bet. But more importantly, you’re putting faith into the community and those who visit to become a small part of that community.

Walk into any of these four Lawrenceville boutiques and you immediately see the incredible care, attention, and passion that goes into every step of the process from the store’s design to the beautiful displays and the quality clothing.

The same, of course, can be said of the three newcomers to Lawrenceville. Three boutiques have opened in Lawrenceville within the past six months!

Phoenix Boutique, is Lawrenceville’s go-to destination for vintage designer clothing. Jackie takes unworn or gently worn clothing and sells them to grateful patrons. She gives these clothes a new life…like a phoenix rising from the ashes (get it!?)

In October, Broke Little Rich Girl, also in Lower Lawrenceville, opened its doors. Sam Lugo started off selling trendy and affordable clothing out of a truck – a mobile boutique. She decided to take root and open a brick-and-mortar store, and chose Lawrenceville as her location.

Celebrating a successful first month is Butler Street’s newest addition, Number Fourteen. What was once a nuisance bar on a Butler Street corner has been completely transformed in only six months by this hardworking (and stylish) mother-daughter team.

And last but not least we have a slightly different boutique in Upper Lawrenceville – the color options in this one probably are a bit less extreme. Glitter + Grit is a bridal shop in Lawrenceville. Much like the other boutique owners, Erin wanted to create a unique experience for her customers with excellent service and carefully chosen styles. Appointment only, visit this site to schedule a time.

The moral of the story: Lawrenceville is THE shopping destination for independent boutiques in Pittsburgh. Buy gifts for others or for yourself. Not to mention, why would you want to walk around a mall all day when you could explore a historical neighborhood, support local businesses, and take pit stops at some great bars, restaurants, and cafes (much better than the food court!) Stop by, say hi, and buy local.  Not to mention, you’ll take pride in saying: “Oh thanks. I got it in a small boutique in Lawrenceville.”

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