Cookie Tour 2021 Business Registration

For 2021, we’re bringing back the Cookie Tour Rewards Card along with an in-person shopping event.

If money is tight, and you don’t feel like your business can afford the fees listed below, but would still like to participate – don’t hesitate to sign up!

Cookie Tour (In-Person Event)

Date: December 11, 2021
Time: 11am-4pm

Cookie Stop

Cookie Stop (non-member), $75
Cookie Stop (LC member), $50

You can offer cookies at your store (it’s up to your safety and discretion how you’d like to offer cookies to the public).

There will be a map/guide for shoppers to use while walking around the business district to help them understand who is participating and at what level.

Businesses will host a gingerbread sign (given to the business by LC) that will let customers know who is offering free cookies.

LC will host a tent in the business district. Shoppers who stop by the LC tent and show us their purchase from a Lawrenceville business, will receive a cookie while supplies last.

Be ready to offer around 60-80 dozen cookies since our event will take place on just one Saturday in December.

Take-a-Break Stop

Take-a-Break Stop, $25

They’re just that—a place to rest and enjoy a beer or cup of coffee along the tour. They feature a small red stop sign outside of their business. We encourage you to offer specials that day!

Supporting Business

Supporting Business (non-member), $100
Supporting Business (LC member), $50

Your business will be listed in promotional materials. Your fees can come in the form of money/gift cards/raffle donations/ etc.

Rewards Card

Date: December 1 through December 28
Rewards Card (non-member) $50
Rewards Card (LC member), $25
Cookie Stop & Rewards Card (non-member), $100
Cookie Stop & Rewards Card (LC member), $75

Shoppers will receive a Cookie Tour Rewards Card and as they make purchases at participating businesses, their card will receive a sticker per purchase. Once they fill out their card, they’re then entered to win prizes (sourced from Lawrenceville businesses) and offered by Lawrenceville Corporation (LC).

A filled out card must have 10 purchases. Note: no minimum purchase amount ($) is required. As long as they’re making a purchase, they can be rewarded. Repeat purchases at the same business are allowed. So, if someone hands you a rewards card during their purchase, all you’ll have to do is stamp it.

Once folks fill out their rewards card, they will be entered into a raffle for Lawrenceville based prizes. These will range from experiences, baskets, and gift cards.

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Cookie Tour 2021 Business Registration

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