Celebrating Sustainability

As a member organization our by-laws state that we must hold an annual meeting to conduct business imperative to fulfilling our mission. Each year we gather our members to vote on new board members and take the time to recap our work for the year, raise some funds, and relate any new business.

For the past several years, instead of holding a stuffy business meeting we have put on a Community Catalyst Celebration. It’s our way of saying thanks to our membership and celebrating what we love about the Lawrenceville community.

This year we highlighted our latest exciting partnership with Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants. Ten businesses in the neighborhood have become designated via a thorough process that identifies several sectors of sustainability from reducing energy consumption to improving employee and customer well-being. The entire spread for the celebration was catered by these ten restaurants—showcasing what they do best.

Each of these restaurants are also able to apply for funding to further sustainable projects in their businesses. Over the next six months, we will be highlighting their continued efforts to establish sustainable practices —creating new industry standards.

For now though we want to say thank you to 52nd Street MarketB52FranktuaryKaleidoscope Cafe, Kickback Pinball CafeSentiSmoke Barbeque TaqueriaSpiritTender Bar + Kitchen, and The Pittsburgh Juice Company for catering our meeting and and continuing the Lawrenceville legacy of setting best practices for our region.

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