Emily PersicoCommunity Development Manager

Emily (she/her) first came to Pittsburgh in 2017 for a Americorps Fellowship with the Group Against Smog and Pollution. She quickly developed a passion for community development and love for Lawrenceville as she lived, worked, and biked around Pittsburgh’s streets and neighborhoods. In 2018, she left Pittsburgh to pursue a a master’s degree from the Yale School of the Environment focused on urban environmental justice and community development. Since then, Emily has returned to Pittsburgh multiple times, once for a summer internship with Pittsburgh City Planning and again for a position at PennFuture. Emily joined Lawrenceville Corporation in March 2021, where she is responsible for implementing community planning initiatives, key community projects related to mobility and infrastructure, targeted real estate activities, and assisting in the general operations of the Lawrenceville Corporation. Emily is a mostly vegetarian, cat person, South Florida native, and urban flâneur.

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