Abi GildeaBusiness District & Communications Manager

Abi Gildea (she/her) is leading a career in community development in Pittsburgh, PA hoping to ensure Pittsburgh’s revitalization doesn’t displace business owners and residents from the neighborhoods they want to be in. Abi started her career with Bloomfield Development Corporation, managing the Bloomfield Saturday Market since 2019. Abi brings empathy, thoughtfulness to her work, a deep love for Pittsburgh, its’ neighborhoods, and curiosity about the future. She has a bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Management from Point Park University. Among other things, Abi is interested in supporting the most important part of a neighborhood, its business district. She understands that a neighborhood’s business district is the place you run into your friends, where you purchase your favorite items, and how you see the neighborhood come to life. Business districts are where life happens and she believes a thriving business district can look a lot like magic. Outside of work, Abi loves cooking, reading a good book, heading to a local show, watching movies, writing, and spending time with her friends and family.

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