Walkable and welcoming. Entrepreneurial energy. Olde-Pittsburgh charm meets modern edge.

The Lawrenceville basics: We’re a city neighborhood located less than three miles from “Downtown” Pittsburgh and right next door to the Strip District and Bloomfield.

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Call Lawrenceville Home
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The percentage of residents that have lived in their current dwelling for at least 35 years
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Top Five Fun Free Things to Do

  1. Stroll through Allegheny Cemetery
  2. Tennis at Arsenal Park
  3. Browse new books at the Carnegie Library
  4. Scope out fresh art (and fine art-lovers) at gallery receptions.
  5. Window shopping on Butler Street

Five Cool Historic Sites

  1. Stephen Foster House (3600 Penn Avenue)
  2. Josh Gibson Gravesite (Allegheny Cemetery)
  3. Arsenal Field, where Johnny Unitas played (40th and Butler Streets)
  4. Stable Building (3441 Butler Street)
  5. Doughboy Statue (Intersection of Penn Avenue and Butler Street at 35th Street)

Lawrenceville: We Love It!

Whether you’re talking to a Lawrenceville “lifer” or a neighborhood newcomer, you’ll find that people can barely contain their enthusiasm for this place. So, what is it about Lawrenceville that’s turned everyday citizens into legions of community evangelists? Ask around, and you’ll most likely get a response that falls into these general categories…

It’s like a little village. Welcoming, walkable and weathered by a rich history. And the recreational opportunities of parks, the Allegheny River, and Allegheny Cemetery give a little kick to our assets.

It’s old and new. Shabby and shiny-new exist side by side. And we like it that way.

It’s engaging. You have choices to get involved, whether it’s purely social or civically minded. From play dates to happy hours, or community clean-ups to Art All Night, Lawrenceville offers a way for singles, couples, and families to connect.

It’s convenient. Most of the city’s major employment centers (including Downtown, the North Side, and Oakland) are just a bus ride or short commute away. And you can live a car-free lifestyle here, with business districts that serve your every need.

In Lawrenceville, you can be yourself and become part of something that’s much bigger than you. We think that makes us pretty special. It gives this place that incomparable feeling called “community.”

Come on in and cultivate it with us.


Large enough to be comprised of three city neighborhoods (Lower, Central, and Upper), Lawrenceville stretches from the eastern edge of the Strip District, barely a mile from Downtown, along the banks of the Allegheny River, almost to the western border of Highland Park. Nearly 11,000 people call our 2.5 square miles home.

Lawrenceville offers modern and historic housing, convenient access to several neighborhood business districts, and easy access to work in Downtown and Oakland, the two largest employment centers in the region. Key features of Lawrenceville include Arsenal Park (formerly the Allegheny Arsenal and now a Pittsburgh City Park), Allegheny Cemetery (one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in the nation), Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Consortium, and the new Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC campus.

The Butler Street business district has become a regional destination – boasting a single screen movie theatre, pinball café, and bowling alley all within two blocks. There is something for everyone here- shopping, dining, and recreation. Check out our business directory and calendar to stay in the loop on business happenings!


In the early 1700s, the area now known as Lawrenceville was settled by the Delaware Indians and was an important trading post for both English and French settlers.

In 1814, William Foster, father of the composer Stephen Foster, laid out the town of Lawrenceville and named it in honor of Captain James Lawrence. Capt. Lawrence’s dying words, “don’t give up the ship” became the rallying cry of Americans in their struggle against the English during the War of 1812. Lawrenceville was incorporated into a borough in 1834 and annexed by the City of Pittsburgh in 1868. Lawrenceville was also home to the Allegheny Arsenal, which manufactured munitions for the Civil War. In 1862, an explosion rocked the Arsenal and killed 78 people, marking it as the worst civilian disaster of the American Civil War.

In the early and mid-1800s, Lawrenceville and the Allegheny Arsenal experienced immense growth. Wave after wave of German and Irish immigrants settled in Lawrenceville to work in the “Cradle of America’s Industry.” Iron and steel production, glass factories, breweries, petroleum industries and other manufacturing all thrived in Lawrenceville during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Companies such as U.S. Steel, Alcoa, Westinghouse, and Pittsburgh Brewing Company got their start in and around Lawrenceville. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, new ethnic groups arrived in Lawrenceville including Poles, Croats, Slovenes, Swedes, Italians, Russians, Lithuanians, and African Americans.

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