LawrenceVillains Are Taking Over Our Streets

LawrenceVillains are easy to spot. They’re the bad apples that turn a fun day or night out in Lawrenceville into a disaster. They drink too much, get too loud, embarrass their friends, and have little concern for those around them.

Woman with witch makeup on half of face

Dyana Sloan of Roundabout Brewery

Man with villain makeup on half of face

Jim Nied of Nied’s Hotel

Woman with skull makeup on half of face

Jamie Patten of Allegheny Wine Mixer

With a Great Time Comes
Great Responsibility

Lawrenceville has something to love for everyone from diners and shoppers, to business owners, and all of those who call it home. Don’t let your inner jagoff get out of hand and ruin it for the rest of us.

Don’t Be a LawrenceVillain.


lawrencevillain mirror cling

The LawrenceVillain Campaign

Our neighborhood continues to grow with more housing, new restaurants, cool boutiques, and nightlife establishments, all of which drives more visitors to Lawrenceville. While we love the love, we also recognize the need to keep our streets clean and safe for those that live and work here every day.

Blaming or lecturing people about their bad behavior is not our style. The LawrenceVillain Campaign encourages those having a fun night out in Lawrenceville to stay safe and respectful in the neighborhood. A little less public drunkenness, quieter streets after hours, and less next day aftermath is our goal.

Campaign Resources

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Printed Materials

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