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4635 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA
4635 Butler Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15201 US

“The Abbey on Butler Street” is a new food, beverage and entertainment venue for the Lawrenceville and greater Pittsburgh communities. Led by owners Eric Kukura, Christopher McAleer, and Loughery Roberts, the project has renovated a property that has been a church hall, brass forge and funeral home – into a visually inviting and comfortable space for its coffee-house, restaurant, and entertainment lounge. “The Abbey” also features an expansive patio for those guests who enjoy an “outdoor” experience. A fire place, distinctive water fountain, gated wrought iron fence with great landscaping offer guests a unique & beautiful place under the sun or stars!

Coffee-goers will find a vaulted ceiling, great natural light and a carved-stone fireplace in a quieter room, where they might also enjoy Taboo doughnuts and lighter menu items. Chef Thomas Christakos will host guests in his restaurant & wine bar, offering cuisine that is fresh, hand-crafted, and infused with layers of flavor. Feel like a little Jazz and your favorite wine or spirits? The lounge in “The Abbey” will offer guests a great destination to round out the evening, and will also feature signature small plates offered by Chef Christakos, as well as a great selection of craft beers and cocktails.


“The Abbey on Butler Street” is located at 4635 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.

A full opening is currently targeted for March 2016.

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Sample Lunch & Brunch:

Breakfast Burrito: Slow Cooked Carnitas in an Apricot BBQ Sauce, Eggs, Spuds, Poblano Chilies, and Cotija Cheese. Served w/ Choice of Ancho or Green Chili Sauce

Eggs Benedict: Traditional Benedict w/ Tasso Ham, Poached Eggs, and Toasted English Muffins, Topped w/ Herbed Hollandaise. Served w/ Spuds

Frittata: Roasted Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Fresh Garlic, Spinach and Swiss Cheese.

Abbey Hash: (Vegan) Curry-Seasoned Tofu, Spinach, Golden Raisins, Garlic and a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. Served w/ Spuds and Toast

Traditional English Breakfast – Fried Eggs, Fried Toast, Smoked Cherry Tomatoes, and Baked Beans. Served w/ Spuds

Mac n Cheese: Chef’s Whimsy – Ask For Todays Preparation:       Bacon & Green Onion, Pulled Pork & Green Chili, Langoustine and Mascarpone, Jerked Chicken, Roast Chicken & Mirepoix

Jerked Chicken w/ Melted Pepper Jack Cheese, & Lettuce on a Grilled Hoagie Roll. Served w/ Pineapple Salsa.

Fried Chicken w/ Bacon, Tomato, Frisee, and Cheddar Cheese. Served on a Hoagie Roll w/a Spicy Special Sauce

Not Your Momma’s Grilled Cheese: Melted Asiago, Provolone, Gouda, and Cotija Cheese. Served with Sliced Tomatoes on Grilled Sour Dough

Sample Small Plates:

Pan-Seared Shrimp w/ Spicy BBQ Sauce. Served Over Black Bean Salsa

Pan-Seared Crab Cakes Drizzled with Pistachio Vinaigrette. Served Over Warm Corn Salsa

Butter-baked Squashed Yukon Golds, Seared with Gouda Cheese and Sour Cream. Drizzled with Scallion Oil

Rosemary White Beans and Grilled Shrimp

Bruschetta: Bhan mi Bruschetta – Seared Pork Belly w/ Pickled Carrots and Jalapeno Cukes Topped with Cilantro and Spicy sauce.

Bruschetta: Crisped Beef, Braised Red Cabbage, Garlic, Roasted Red Tomato and Gorgonzola

Sample Dinner:

Chicken a la Abbey – Braised, Baked, BBQ, Fricasseed, Fried, Sautéed, Stewed, or Skewered: Chef’s Whimsy – Ask About Our Daily Preparation. Serve w/ Seasonal Spuds, Veggies, and Savory Sauce

Catch of the Day – Sautéed w/ Fresh Herbs & Butter-Bliss, Finished w/a Dash of Spirits. Served w/ Seasonal Starch. Veggie and Savory Sauce

Roast Beast Du Jour – Could be Braised…could be Grilled…It Always be Delicious. Served w/ Hearty Veggies and Savory sauce.

Pasta: Meatball Bliss – Abbey-mazing Meatballs Served w/ a Hearty San Marzano Sauce Infused with Spices and Italian Cheeses. Finished w/ & Melted Mozzarella

Pasta: Smoked Linguini Pomodoro – Smoked Cherry Tomatoes, Shallots, Sherry, and Cotija Cheese

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