4304 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, United States
4304 Butler Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15201 US

We Restore Your Memories and Create New Ones!

At the Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh we perform a restoration on your much-loved teddy bear or stuffed animal with loving care. Old, somewhat old or bitten by a rambunctious puppy – our restoration or repair process is right for you!

When you weren’t looking your old pal (that stuffed animal from your childhood years), remained somewhat uncared for in your corner cupboard. We want to reunite the two of you. Our services include restorations, repairs & general TLC for all stuffed animals.

Of course, it’s possible that your family heirloom teddy bear needs a bit of special, safe preservation, so we also offer custom-made archival storage solutions!

For your beloved old teddy bear, our restoration process starts with a general cleaning. From that point we determine what kind of delicate, often intricate repairs might be needed.

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