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4115 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
4115 Butler Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15201 US

Encounter Church is a life-giving church in the community of Lawrenceville. We exist to reach community minded and creative young adults and families with God’s love by giving them a place to: EXPERIENCE God in interactive and real ways, EXPLORE Faith in a safe environment, and EXPRESS Publicly that faith that they have found. We want to give people an opportunity to find purpose and meaning through the love of God for their lives. We will be creative, passionate, intentional, missional, and relational in everything we do, and are committed to finding ways to show that God is relevant to our lives. We are heavily involved in the community and sponsor a wide variety of community events and programs for those in the area. Everyone is welcome at Encounter Church.

Meetings are weekly, Sunday mornings at 10am.

Meeting address: Row House Cinema, 4115 Butler St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201


Mailing address: PO Box 40137, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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