To act as a catalyst and conduit for responsible growth and reinvestment in the Lawrenceville community.


The Lawrenceville Corporation was formed in January 2000 as a merger of the Lawrenceville Development
Corporation (LDC) and the Lawrenceville Business Association (LBA). Both the LBA and LDC had been in existence since the mid-1980s and were formed in response to neighborhood decline stemming from Pittsburgh’s economic crisis during the 1970s and 1980s.

The merger yielded a new organization with a strong combined board of directors: the Lawrenceville Corporation. The organizational mission, membership, and much of the programming trace back to the original two entities. Since the merger, the LC has gained local and national recognition for its innovative niche marketing programs like the 16:62 Design Zone and the Doughboy branding campaign, recruitment efforts that have yielded numerous destination-type retail and restaurant businesses, and the commercial and residential efforts throughout the neighborhood.


Our vision for the community includes the following elements:

  • A diverse community that embraces newcomers and long-time residents, homeowners and renters, children and senior citizens, low-income and middle-class families alike.
  • A thriving and competitive business district that attracts customers from around the region with unique stores and products, while continuing to meet the day-to-day needs of community residents.
  • A safe, healthy and clean community free from crime, drugs, prostitution, violence and litter.
  • An attractive neighborhood full of amenities including shopping, restaurants, green space, parks and recreational facilities.

The LC is guided in its work by five main principles.

  • Preserve Authenticity: preserve community diversity and working class heritage; and build on existing architectural assets
  • Strategically Target Development Efforts: geographically concentrate development to maximize impact in targeted areas that have been identified as priorities by strategic or community planning processes
  • Market Our Assets: understand the neighborhood’s assets and its potential role in the city or regional marketplace; target regional and local customers that will advance our neighborhood’s revitalization; and develop lines of business that promote the neighborhood’s assets
  • Support High Quality Design: insist on top-notch design standards for all development and projects in the community
  • Engage in Visionary and Participatory Planning: work with local stakeholders to creatively envision the future potential of the neighborhood while keeping an eye on national and regional trends and local opportunities

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